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Who should take NZFOS+ Yacon Concentrate?

People who need support for healthy blood glucose management, support for nutrition, support for kidney health, weight management, hormone support during menopause, healthy bowel motions, a healthy immune system, healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health, and gut health.

Can NZFOS+ be used to support healthy blood glucose levels?

Yes. Research has shown that consumption of Yacon may support blood glucose management.

NZFOS+ is taste sweet, is it safe for me if I want to support my blood glucose?

60% of the sweetness of NZFOS+ comes from its natural FOS. Since the human body cannot break down FOS, FOS does not enter the blood stream, hence it support normal blood sugar. Not only that, because FOS are soluble dietary fibre, they can support stable blood sugar.

In May 2019, the University of Sydney conducted a human test for the NZFOS+. The test results showed that NZFOS+ had a glycaemic index value of 40, which is categorized as Low GI.

Does Yacon support blood sugar?

NZFOS+ nourish the friendly bacteria in the large intestine. This will support normal blood glucose levels.

Can I take NZFOS+ if I have high blood sugar and lipid level, along with high blood pressure?

Yes. NZFOS+ can support normal blood sugar levels and healthy blood pressure, and weight management.

Can I take NZFOS+ if I am taking prescription drugs for diabetes or other conditions?

Please consult your doctor or health professionals.

Can I take NZFOS+ to support my bowel motions?

Daily intake of Yacon Concentrate can supports and optimize the level of friendly bacteria and support healthy bowel motions.

How does NZFOS+ support with hard stools?

FOS is a kind of “water-soluble dietary fibre”. Water-soluble dietary fibre swells and shows a gelatine like state after being soaked in water. FOS can support the volume of faeces, and the hydration level of the intestines, to support healthy bowel motions.

How does NZFOS+ support weight management?

NZFOS+ can support weight management. NZFOS+ is rich in dietary fibres can supports the sensation of “feeling full”.

Does NZFOS+ supports a healthy lipids balance ?

NZFOS+ supports healthy blood glucose and lipids.

How does NZFOS+ support gut health and supports an optimum level of friendly bacteria?

Studies have indicated that some human ailments are related to imbalance in gut bacteria. NZFOS+ is a prebiotic and prebiotics are foods for our gut friendly bacteria. Subsequently, supports the friendly bacteria populations by managing an optimum environment for them to flourish.

Can consumers with normal blood glucose levels take NZFOS+?

NZFOS+ supports healthy blood glucose level. It is a food can be consumed by everyone. Used as directed, always read the label.

Can Pregnant women take NZFOS+?

At NZFOS+, we are of the opinion that pregnant women can take NZFOS+ but you should check with your doctor, midwife or health professionals, before taking NZFOS+.

Can children take NZFOS+?

At NZFOS+, we recommend children over 1 year old to take NZFOS+ but parents should always check with your doctors or health professionals. Used as directed, always read the label.

If I have issues with my kidney or prostate, can I take NZFOS+?

NZFOS+ is a dietary supplement. It is not a medicine. You must check with your doctor or health professionals before you start taking NZFOS+. Please note that NZFOS+ will support general health and well being but will not be directly beneficial for your health issues. Used as directed, always read the label.

Can this product be used everyday?

It can be taken every day. This product is a plant-derived puree and is a natural and healthy food that can be used regularly.

Can I take NZFOS+ while I am on medications?

Please check with your doctor. Used as directed. Always read the label.

Is it appropriate to take this product during the day or at night?

It is recommended to take in the morning and evening. For weight management support, consume 30 mins before meals to support satiety.

If after taking NZFOS+, my bowel motion are healthy and I have a healthy level of satiety.

NZFOS+ has the effect of supporting satiety. People who want to embark on a weight management journey should take Yacon half an hour before the meal. For people not looking to manage their weight, taking NZFOS+ with or after meal is recommended.

How long can I take NZFOS+ for?

We recommend that you take NZFOS+ as a daily dietary supplement.

How soon will I experience support for gut health of NZFOS+?

Anecdotal data indicated that users started to feel as early as 3 days after commencement. Used as directed. Always read the label.

Is NZFOS+ a health supplement or a food substitute?

Both, it is a healthy functional whole food that can be used as a sugar substitute.

How is FOS both dietary fibre and prebiotic?

First of all, FOS is a “water-soluble dietary fibre”. The water-soluble dietary fibre will swell and show a gelatine state after being soaked in water. Therefore, FOS can help the hydrate intestines, increase the weight and volume of faeces, thus supporting healthy bowel motions.

Secondly, since the human body does not digest or decompose FOS, it eventually reaches the large intestine and selectively nourishes “good bacteria”. For this reason, FOS is a prebiotic approved by the WHO (World Health Organization).

What is the biggest difference between yacon from other countries and NZFOS+ yacon?

The biggest difference between yacon from other countries and New Zealand yacon is the concentration of prebiotics (FOS). New Zealand yacon are grown organically, the thickness of NZFOS+ is at least 80 Brix, and it has a standardised natural FOS level of at least 37 percent.

Why is the product made into syrup instead of powder or capsules?

The form of the syrup best preserves the FOS and other active ingredients from the yacon in the most natural way. Both milling and capsulation require multiple processing steps, and natural prebiotics will be spoiled if they are processed excessively.

Does this product contain any animal ingredients?

No. It is certified Vegan.

What is the difference between yacon and honey?

NZFOS+ is a low glycaemic index syrup that is suitable to be consumed by diabetics and can support normal blood sugar. NZFOS+ is rich in prebiotics and is a natural bifidus-factor that promotes the growth of healthy Bifidobacterium in our body. NZFOS+ is certified vegan.

Honey is not low GI, and may not be safe for diabetics or those with blood glucose problems to consume. Although honey is antibacterial, little is known about its effect on gut health. Honey is not a vegan product.

What is the difference between other yacon syrup products and NZFOS+ yacon concentrate?

The biggest difference between is the concentration of prebiotics (FOS) and FOS/free sugar ratio. The thickness of NZFOS+ is 80 Brix, at least 60% of the total carbohydrate is FOS. It is certified low GI and approved for use as a dietary supplement not just a food or sugar replacement.

How long can a 275g jar last?

3 to 4 weeks.

Is NZFOS+ organic?

The yacon used in NZFOS+ comes from three plantations in New Zealand. The yacon from the Kerikeri farm is organic and the other two farms – Pukekohe and Mangatawhiri – are in a transitioning period. New Zealand Pure Organic Certification takes a 3-year monitoring on not just the plantation but the entire supply chain, and we are working towards fully organic.

Why not just eat yacon bought from a grocery shops?

Eating fresh yacon fruits may cause blood sugar rise.

The FOS content in yacon fruits fluctuates with seasonal, environmental, or pH level changes and would convert to free sugar. While FOS has no effect on blood sugar, free sugar does.

Diabetics should try to avoid free sugar intake. The purpose of the yacon concentration process is to preserve the natural FOS in yacon to the utmost extent. After years of experimentation, we have ascertained the ideal planting areas, conditions, climate, temperature difference, and even the spacing of the plants and the processing of yacon. Consuming NZFOS+ ensures that you are getting FOS instead of free sugar.

What is the difference between prebiotic and probiotic supplements?

Probiotics are live bacteria, while prebiotics are fibres like fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) that occur naturally in yacon, and feed the probiotics.

Probiotics are external bacteria, we can add different strains according to different body constitutions and needs, Bifidobacterium have significant effects for supporting gastrointestinal health. Prebiotics enter the gastrointestinal tract undigested and promote the absorption of nutrients by feeding probiotics such as Bifidobacterium.

The human immune system may not recognize externally ingested bacteria from supplements and respond negatively to protect its self. These bacteria may also be killed by gastric acid.

What is the difference between NZFOS+ and enzymes?

They both support: Cleansing the bowel, weight management, antibacterial.

However: an enzyme is a protein -often found in food like pineapple- that your body uses for digestion and other metabolic processes. NZFOS+ is a fibre that comes from yacon and will ferment in the body.

If you supplement enzymes often, it may change the structure of your own enzymes, which will affect your health. Most enzymes on the market now contain probiotics, but contain less prebiotics and are not natural.

Can NZFOS+ fibre cause bloating?

When bacteria eat (ferment) fibre they release gas that stretches the colon and the fibre will also draw water into the colon. This is the cause of uncomfortable bloating. NZFOS+ however has shown support for bowel motility. Start with a dose of 3g and work your way up as your gut allows.

What is the role of FOS from NZFOS+ in gut health?

Natural FOS in NZFOS+ is a dietary fiber extracted from New Zealand Yacon.

  • Gut Health: FOS is considered a prebiotic, promoting the growth and proliferation of beneficial gut bacteria such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. This helps support gut health and balance, and gut comfort.
  • Immune Support: Gut health is closely linked to the immune system. By preserving a healthy balance of gut microbiota, FOS may support healthy immune function.
  • Nutrient Absorption: FOS can improve the absorption of minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are vital for bone health and overall recovery.

What is the role of flavonoids (bioflavonoids) from NZFOS+ ?

Flavonoids, also known as bioflavonoids, are a group of phytochemicals found in various fruits, vegetables, and plants. They offer several potential benefits:

  • Antioxidant Properties: Flavonoids exhibit strong antioxidant properties, helping to neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. This can contribute to minimizing cell damage and support recovery.
  • Immune Support: Certain flavonoids can support immune system function.
  • Vascular Health: Research suggests that flavonoids can support vascular health, potentially supporting normal blood pressure and blood circulation.
  • Cell Growth and Repair: Flavonoids may support tissue and cell growth and repair.