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What is Yacon New Zealand?

Yacon New Zealand Ltd is an Auckland based company. Our mission is to introduce people around the world to the health benefits of our core product – NZFOS+ Yacon Prebiotic.

What does NZFOS+ do?

NZFOS+ contains a consistently high level of a type of prebiotic called “fructo-oligosaccharides” or FOS. FOS can escape our stomach and small intestine intact because our body doesn’t have the enzyme to break them. As they continue their journey through our gut, they will arrive in our large intestine, and become the food for the good bacteria.

Our large intestine harbours over 100 trillion bacteria. Good, bad, and neutral, together, they are known as our gut microbiome. And our modern refined diet and lifestyle has been starving the good bugs and feeding the bad ones. This creates an imbalanced microbial composition which is deemed by scientists to be linked to a plethora of modern health issues.

FOS is categorised as prebiotic because they only selectively nourish the healthy bacteria (aka probiotic), not the bad ones. As the healthy bacteria get fed, grow and reproduce, they will joint their forces to create an environment that suppresses bad bacteria and pathogens. Thus, supporting a balanced, healthy microbial ecosystem.

Symbiotic – Kicking your inner ecosystem off and go

Just like any living organism, probiotic bacteria eat and dump wastes. One of the wastes they produce is called “short-chain fatty acids” (SCFAs). SCFAs are involved in a series of self-healing process of our body such as,

  • Increase the absorption of vital vitamins and minerals;
  • Fix and maintain healthy mitochondria functions;
  • Restore and maintain body cells’ sensitivity to insulin;
  • Activate suicide process of damaged cells, aka “autophagy”;
  • Balance the secretion of insulin and glucagon for healthy glucose homeostasis functions;
  • Modulate immune responses.

And the list goes on…

Over the past decades over 100+ peer reviewed articles have been published in respected medical journals (see on the effect of Yacon on a range of diseases and conditions.

What are YNZ’s core competencies?

Besides New Zealand’s unparalleled environment, fertile volcanic soil type, highly developed Precision Agriculture standards, YNZ’s strengths are characterised by,

  • World leading growing technique for high-FOS producing Yacon backed by AgResearch, and Plant & Food Research;
  • Minimum food processing to preserve the natural FOS and other valuable nutrients such as bioflavonoid, chlorogenic acids (CGA), potassium and so on in Yacon;
  • Consistently high levels of natural FOS as stated clearly on the Nutrition Information Panel (NIP) on the packaging across batches.

What is an affiliate partner program?

If you have a web site you can post links to Each time someone visits your site, links to our page and a sale is made, you earn a commission on that sale.

Your customers will have direct access to our full line of Yacon Concentrate products. Orders are shipped directly from our warehouse free of charge with express delivery service by Courier Post for NZ domestic orders, and DHL for international orders.

How does the YNZ affiliate partner program work?

Thanks to AffiliateWP who specialise in Affiliate Program management system development. We are able to manage and track all the activities associated with our program, track links and orders and ensure that you receive your commission elegantly.

Through the YNZ Affiliate portal you’ll have access to our affiliate creative assets, link generator, special promotional offers, and request payouts of your earned commissions.

What are the benefits?

It’s simple, easy to manage and there is no fee to join our program. Earn 13% commission on all YNZ sales (excl. 15% GST) generated through your website and upgrade your commission percentage when your monthly sales reach these parameters:

  • Sales greater than $10,000.00 receive 17.000%
  • Sales greater than $20,000.00 receive 23.000%
  • Sales greater than $40,000.00 receive 27.000%
  • Sales greater than $100,000.00 receive 31.000%

How do I get started?

Complete the online application, please see link below. Your application will be reviewed and then you will be emailed once your application is confirmed. Review the tips and suggestions for marketing your site. Put links on your site that drive traffic to and start earning your commission!

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