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NZFOS+ Yacon Prebiotic 80°Brix 275g


(99 customer reviews)

Yacon Prebiotic has the consistency of golden syrup, or a thick honey, and a rich, sweet resinous taste that can remind the taste of raisins.

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NZFOS+ Yacon Prebiotic contains natural prebiotic, polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, supporting the growth and health of the microflora in our bodies. When our probiotic bacteria are well-taken care of and healthy, our body can maximise its intake of vitamins and minerals. By optimising the absorption levels of our food, we are able to get more “bang for our buck”, so to speak, when we eat any other foods.

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The sugar in yacon is mainly fructooligosaccharides (FOS) prebiotics that pass through the digestive system without being metabolised, as the human system doesn’t have an enzyme to hydrolyse FOS. Therefore, it is tastes sweet, but with a GI score of only 40.


Take directly with a wooden spoon 1-2 times a day. Ideal for sweetening all raw natural recipes. Yacon Prebiotics works best consumed 20 – 30 minutes before lunch or dinner. Recommended daily intake: 6 to 12 grams. Drink plenty of water during the day for it contains water soluble fibre.

To protect the prebiotic properties, do not heat over 50°C.

Servings per pack: 23

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Additional information

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Reviews (99)

99 reviews for NZFOS+ Yacon Prebiotic 80°Brix 275g

  1. Chelsie Mccullough

    Took this for my mother who suffers from diabetes I think it is a nice support together with the correct diet

  2. Boyd Mayo

    Definitely helps with managing your blood sugar!

  3. Zaki Grey

    I suffer from bloating and IBS, NZFOS has helped with settling my stomach and stopping the bloating. Love the products.

  4. Matt Pacheco

    The product is excellent, you actually can see the effects immediately. The product should be more affordable. Because it takes 4 weeks with two daily intake for the jar to finish.

  5. Mali Holden

    Sugar problems are in my family and I don’t want to be on medication. Take these and my blood work has been great!

  6. Berat Wright

    Great product. It really regulates the blood sugar level after using it for four weeks.

  7. Nathan Whittaker

    As a nutritionist who deals with pre-diabetics and diabetics on a regular basis, this product is like no other. It’s unique natural ingredients exceeds any other product of its kind. NZFOS is always my go-to for nautal formulas that are well-researched and complete.

  8. Rafe Hester

    cannot recommend this product enough. I was kindly gifted a jar by a friend in late 2019. I honestly had very low expectations but thought I would give it a go as I had nothing to lose. After suffering with painful bloating and digestive problems for years I finally have my IBS under control. I am now a repeat customer and it’s honestly changed my life. This is coming from someone who has tried every remedy and diet under the sun (under the guidance of my GP). Please try it for yourself, you absolutely won’t regret it.

  9. Cristina Roberson

    My HbA1c levels have improved since taking NZFOS and those levels have been maintained acceptable levels. That’s what I am looking for.

  10. Krystal Gale

    This has all the ‘stuff’ I wanted to take for supporting my blood sugar health, and gut health, all together in one product. Love it.

  11. Joe Everett

    With a proper diet and exercise, and the use of this product, I am keeping my prediabetes in check. I haven’t had any side effects, I do have more energy. I also have high cholesterol as well. Very frustrating, but it’s all coming together right now and working. I am seeing an improvement and that makes me happy. Hope this works for you too.

  12. Kelly Norton

    I got good reviews from the GP no diabetes at age 72.

  13. Zack Ireland

    I have noticed big difference. And I have taken other Probiotic and enzymes that have done nothing. Been taking for a few weeks now – it really works well.

  14. Ottilie Pineda

    Husband doesnt take it regularly but when he does, he says he feels good.

  15. Matilda Thomas

    I was diagnosed with being on the borderline of diabetes. After consultation with a natural health specialist I was advised to start taking Prebiotic, which I did. After my next blood test my GP could not believe the difference in my blood sugar levels. NZFOS worked for me!

  16. Aaran Oakley

    Magic Syrup! I have recently been suffering from stomach aches & pains over six month-1yr period. I had been taking Lemon Juice & green tea also apple cider vinegar, which has helped during these pains. I have also been taking walks around the block to activate my digestive following my meals this helped, but still suffered pains and aches regularly which caused irritable sleeps, where i couldn’t go to work. I have been taking the Yacon NZFOS for the last 3wks and have not suffered any aches or pains since. It will definitely clean your bowels out most days but feels great! I am no longer suffering bloating and my stomach feels flat and light. Cheers

  17. Aaliya Dougherty

    I found that this product actually reduced my blood sugars. I am very happy with this product

  18. Kobi Carey

    I cant say that I feel any difference, however I trust that that are doing something to help balance sugar levels.

  19. Amari Frame

    My husband swears this keeps his blood sugar levels down

  20. Harvie Gomez

    Was feeling sluggish so went for this. It certainly cleans you out. I lost a bit of weight which was a bonus and also am more ‘regular’ now. Good product. Arrived real quick too!

  21. Areebah Alvarado

    My GP told me my blood glucose levels where high but since taking the NZFOS got from Yacon they have gotten significantly lower and stayed that way so this is a staple in my daily diet plan along with a change of diet so this also allows me to cheat with a spike in my glucose levels. Once again NZFOS DID IT FOR ME.

  22. Norma Kearns

    Nice for sugar cravings and sugar substitute.

  23. Maisey Bowman

    I have been taking the above product for some time now and don’t think I will ever stop.

  24. Iqra Vaughn

    Awesome !!! Took it for my auntie who has diabetes, and were looking for something to help her with her diabetes!! Excellent results from the first month !! More energy and less tiredness!!

  25. Mya Rowe

    It works but it takes a few weeks to take effect.

  26. Samantha Moses

    Very good ingredients, being NZ grown, harvested and produced natural product, 100% support with good result.

  27. Marsha Wilkerson

    Nothing but praise for this product. Not sure if it is an age thing but wasn’t Ph balanced mid cycle no matter the diet, and these sort me out. taking them at strategic times throughout the month:)

  28. Marta Simmons

    This product is suitable for anyone who wants to lower and maintain their blood sugar. It provides you with more energy and motivation to start your day and I highly recommend anyone to give it a try!

  29. Angharad Kerr

    I am very happy with effects of this prebiotic. Helped to balance my sugar level!

  30. Jaidon Gamble

    My nutritionist recommended Yacon Prebiotic to help with some gut pain, bloating and fatigue. Since taking NZFOS I feel so much better and the bloating and gut pain has completely gone! So happy and relieved to feel well again 🙂

  31. Ameera Huffman

    Find this really good really built up my immune system and digestive ealth.

  32. Jozef Byrne

    Love it! It has made most of my ibs problems go away, which has also helped with my anxiety triggers to my gut as well.

  33. Fintan Markham

    I have always wanted to try this out but never remembered to do it. The Yacon website is so easy to use and I got free shipping! I have been taking this for a week or so now and haven’t noticed any big changes but I am confident things will be changing on the inside. I would definately shop on the site again as the item was delivered quickly.

  34. Alexa Golden

    Yacon improves the intestine’s ability to make/utilise all the nutrients in one’s food and helps to maintain good gut health, resulting in less acute episodes. Insides are much happier.

  35. Manisha Sanchez

    The most noticeable difference I have experience is that my constipation is gone, feeling very comfortable.

  36. Billy Sutton

    I have been using this for sometime now…and I can sure tell when I’m not. Its a have to have in my cupboard.

  37. Clint Gould

    I had tried just about everything! dairy free, gluten free and sugar free eating but it never helped my unsettled bloated feeling – my gut and what I was eating was starting to upset my daily life and routine. My stomach no longer plays havoc with me and I don’t have the bloated awful feeling after every meal. I have been using my own research to find vegan, DF GF meals as I found the booklet a little boring for meal planning but I have stuck to their guidelines. I recommend you try this product to lift your energy and clean out your system – it has definitely worked for me. Once completed I plan to very slowly introduce the foods I haven’t been eating to see what it is that causes me issues. It should be exactly the same for you. I haven’t been on the scales but I do feel lighter!!! added bonus there.

  38. Adrian Pearce

    Seems to be the answer to up my metabolism, improve digestion & thus overall health. While in search for an aid to my weight loss journey, its important that stomach is working efficiently & digestion of healthy foods is easy. No more bloating & reflux issues. A+

  39. Maureen Lugo

    I find a prebiotic a really good thing to take it one is feeling a bit off colour ! this is an excellent product!

  40. Samiyah Ballard

    Easy to take 1-2 wooden spoon which was provided, works well on digestion and gut health.

  41. Frida Burrows

    Love the NZFOS. Found I had reduce my blood sugar level by 30% with their diet recommendation. Recommended!

  42. Yannis Herman

    I have been taking Yacon concentrate Prebiotics for about 5 weeks now ….the bloating and IBS symptoms I have suffered with for so many years have diminished so much that I often forget I had these problems in the first place! I have also experienced a dramatic increase in my energy levels. The NZFOS+ really are life changing! If you’re thinking about trying them, do it! Also the customer service I have received from Yacon NZ has been nothing but fantasti, quick response to emails and super fast courier. Thank you YNZ!

  43. Krystal Lutz

    Excellent product! Improved my general well-being immensely.

  44. Elyse Vasquez

    It brought my stools back to normal consistency.Amazing

  45. Jordon Perez

    I have been taking NZFOS+ Prebiotic for about 2 weeks, after a couple of days I started to feel a change. I stay full longer and can feel my digestion working. The syrup is helping me with my healing journey. Highly recommend.

  46. Mahnoor Farrington

    I am very happy with the Yacon Prebiotic. My bloating is significantly minimised and stomach aches are rare. This has given me the opportunity to observe what types of food affects me the wrong way and eliminate it from my diet. Very much recommend the product!

  47. Zakariya Johnson

    Great product! But it for my parents, great gifting ideals, they offer gift box too!

  48. Bibi Prince

    It works. It reduced my constant desire to eat and I do not have sugar cravings. I only take 2 spoons a day it is sufficient for me. Definitely recommend.

  49. Sayed Boone

    I have been using these for over a year and my blood/sugar is still under control with controlled diet.

  50. Homer O’Sullivan

    I am prediabetic and would like to avoid being a diabetic. I am finding ways to keep my sugar level down. NZFOS helps me to manage my sugar level without bursting the purse.

  51. Josh Mays

    it is very helpful to keep my blood pressure stable after meal.

  52. Omari Wyatt

    My husband takes these every day. He has dropped his A1c . I would highly recommend it.

  53. Elisa Munoz

    My grandmother tells that it helps her to lower the blood sugar levels.

  54. Bradleigh Mendez

    Used this NZFOS and felt better , it has only natural ingredients and i love it.

  55. Saniya Horne

    For me, no side effects, it’s very important to take nautral product. Recommended.

  56. Eleanor Mckeown

    First time ordering this particular Prebiotic is seems to be pretty solid, type 2 diabetic here. Also works well with my gut health.

  57. Habiba Bennett


  58. Simra Rasmussen

    I often take 1 spoon with foods. It’s really lower my blood sugar levels.

  59. Buddy Ali

    I love products like this. So much better than using stuff like metformin, it’s natural and no harm to my body. I will be purchasing this again.

  60. Danyaal Curtis

    Bought this for my husband as he is a diabetic. Though he is receiving insulin as maintenance, this NZFOS, according to him, somehow, he felt there is a decrease in his blood glucose

  61. Louis Bennett

    I can see the link between the gut and immunity, my digestion and my general health improved with NZFOS+.

  62. Michelle Rodriguez

    I take a really high dose and I feel amazing, my sugar doesn’t spike anymore so I feel so much better.

  63. Justin Price

    I gave this to my elderly Mother who couldn’t shake the flu, and it’s worked really well!

  64. Gregory Wilkins

    I am pre diabetic. This product and a change in diet have helped to bring down my blood sugar to a good level.

  65. Douglas Kelly

    This has improved my reaction to seasonal allergies.

  66. Margaret Butler

    I don’t like the taste but my blood test results improve every time, I may not have to take medication thanks to this!

  67. Joshua Howard

    This has been so good for intermittent fasting. It really helps with reducing my appetite.

  68. Aalia Frank

    I am a Diabetic and have been taking insulin, this helps with some of the side effect from the insulin intake.

  69. Taya Herman

    Excellent for managing blood sugar daily.

  70. Carley Winter

    My husband uses this. He said it works great. It is keeping his sugar lower. He still takes his meds with it’s half intake to reduce the side effects from the medication. Go ahead and try it. Also lowers his A1C.

  71. Lindsay N. (verified owner)

    It’s wonderful. It has helped restore a feeling of well being, I don’t crave sugary foods and my daughter who has been on antibiotics for a lot of her life, is regular for the first time in years.

  72. Deanne W. (verified owner)

    Great customer service, prompt delivery. Still waiting to see the benefits.

  73. Pamela Turner

    Wow! This product is tasted fine and I noticed a difference to my energy, I haven’t got sick yet.

  74. Gloria Thomas

    I feel like this really cleansed my gut, and I noticed my skin looking so clear after three weeks.

  75. Kevin Perry

    I haven’t taken it for long but it tastes good, and so far I’ve stayed well.

  76. Joe Miller

    I took this with some other supplements instead of medication and its working well for me without medication.

  77. Gregory Parker

    Haven’t been sick since I started taking this product months ago!

  78. Jose Rivera

    NZFOS+ is great for my daughters IBS, it reduced bloating and helped her keep a healthy weight.

  79. Marilyn Gonzalez

    Spending this much money is a good incentive to keep to my diet! I have noticed a good difference to how I react to medication with this.

  80. Martin (verified owner)

    Noticed quiet quickly the sensation of feeling satiated after eating less and also for longer

  81. Katie (verified owner)

    Delicious! I now take a spoonful in the morning instead of my usual assortment of vitamins and feel as though it gives me a real boost that lasts the day – and stops those afternoon sweet cravings!

  82. Sarah Smith

    I used this to help with weight loss, it was effective for my fatty liver, but I didn’t lose much weight.

  83. Edward Mitchell

    I love the antioxidant content and the fact that it soothes my immune reactions.

  84. Bobby Bell

    This helps with my blood sugar balance.

  85. Yutaka Okura (verified owner)

  86. Dennis Lee

    I recommended this for my father with insulin resistance, his doctor says he has been improving since.

  87. Konnor Pope

    It helped with my LDL, with increasing HDL from my blood, was told by my GP after 6 weeks intake of NZFOS.

  88. Charlotte Penn

    Helps balanced my blood sugar and they have diet suggestion as well. Goes well.

  89. Shaurya Dawson

    help my husband control his blood sugar easier

  90. Dolores Dean

    Effective in controlling blood sugar level

  91. Katlyn Gardiner

    With Keto diet, my blood sugar is lower then before.

  92. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have found this product to be very beneficial in helping my gut to recover from gastritis that I have been suffering from.

  93. Kimberly Edwards

    Took this for my IBS. Highly recommend you try this out!

  94. Ruth Alexander

    NZFOS+ was helpful for stopping my child??s diarrhoea.

  95. Roger Barnes

    I don’t know if this is working really well, but I don??t crave sweet food so much. So I’m happy with that!

  96. Judy Brooks

    This is better than other supplements I’ve tried, and no bad reactions like with my medication.

  97. Sara Evans

    Thank you so much for this product! It really changed my immunity. Instead of always being sick and tired, I have great energy and hardly get sick.

  98. Christina Wilson

    This helped with some long term constipation issues, but I need a lot of water with it.

  99. Emily Cox

    I love the taste and it has been so soothing on my stomach.

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NZFOS+ is a good source of natural Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and polyphenols, it is 100% natural with no added sugars or synthetic additives.

  • 99.75% Yacon Juice Concentrate
  • Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid)
  • Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid)
  • Key Active Components

    Active parts of the yacon concentrate in each 12g serve provide:

  • 4.5g FOS Dietary Fibre- This is fibre that is not absorbed by the body, but is digested by the microbiome to create Short Chain Fatty Acids
  • 130mg Polyphenols- These beneficial antioxidants include chlorogenic acid