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Can pregnant women take NZFOS+?


Can children take NZFOS+?

Recommended for over 1 year old.

Can this product be used every day?

It can be taken every day. This product is a plant-derived puree and is a natural and healthy food that can be used regularly.

How do I take NZFOS+?

The recommended method is to take it directly or with water. FOS will absorb water in the colon so be sure to stay hydrated.

Should I avoid other health care products/drugs while taking NZFOS+?

No. NZFOS+ is made of 99.75% yacon concentrate, take it as a normal food product.

Can I take NZFOS+ with probiotics?

Yes. It can be taken with probiotics. Probiotics supply live bacteria from outside of our body, while NZFOS+ prebiotics nourish the good bacteria in our body and help them flourish.

Can NZFOS+ and honey be taken at the same time?


Is it appropriate to take this product during the day or at night?

It is recommended to take in the morning and evening.

What are the storage instructions?

Refrigerate after opening. Consume within two months of opening.

Can I take NZFOS+ on an empty stomach?


At what temperature can I heat this product?

50 degrees or less.

Can this product replace breakfast?

NZFOS+ contains high amount of dietary fibre, but it does not provide enough calories or other macronutrients for breakfast, so it is not recommended to use as a replacement for any meal.

How much should you eat a day?

6 to 20 grams, about 1 to 3 small wooden spoon (complimentary with purchasing)

How long would it take to see changes if I take this product?

After taking NZFOS+ (with a healthy diet and exercise), you could expect to see the following changes:

How is FOS both dietary fibre and prebiotic?

First of all, FOS is a “water-soluble dietary fibre”. The water-soluble dietary fibre will swell and show a gelatine state after being soaked in water. Therefore, FOS can help the hydrate intestines, increase the weight and volume of faeces, thus helping to relieve constipation.

Secondly, since the human body does not digest or decompose FOS, it eventually reaches the large intestine and selectively nourishes “good bacteria”. For this reason, FOS is a prebiotic approved by the WHO (World Health Organization).

What is the biggest difference between yacon from other countries and NZFOS+ yacon?

The biggest difference between yacon from other countries and New Zealand yacon is the concentration of prebiotics (FOS). New Zealand yacon are grown organically, the thickness of NZFOS+ is at least 80 Brix, and it has a standardised natural FOS level of at least 37 percent.

Why is the product made into syrup instead of powder or capsules?

The form of the syrup best preserves the FOS and other active ingredients from the yacon in the most natural way. Both milling and capsulation require multiple processing steps, and natural prebiotics will be spoiled if they are processed excessively.

Does this product contain any animal ingredients?

No. It is certified Vegan.

What is the difference between other yacon syrup products and NZFOS+ yacon concentrate?

The biggest difference between is the concentration of prebiotics (FOS) and FOS/free sugar ratio. The thickness of NZFOS+ is 80 Brix, at least 60% of the total carbohydrate is FOS. It is certified low GI and approved for use as a therapeutic supplement not just a food or sugar replacement.

Is NZFOS+ organic?

The yacon used in NZFOS+ comes from three plantations in New Zealand. The yacon from the Kerikeri farm is organic and the other two farms – Pukekohe and Mangatawhiri – are in a transitioning period. New Zealand Pure Organic Certification takes a 3-year monitoring on not just the plantation but the entire supply chain, and we are working towards fully organic.

How long can a 275g jar last?

3 to 4 weeks.