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April – International IBS Awareness Month

IBS is a more and more common condition, and covers a wider range of symptoms than ever before. IBS is a special concern of ours because of the connection between IBS and pre and probiotic activity. Prebiotics can benefit IBS by hydrating the colon, improving the microbiome, and regulating bowel movements. When probiotics ferment or ‘consume’ prebiotics, post biotics are created. Short chain fatty acids are the post biotics we love for a list of reasons including their cancer fighting and anti-inflammatory properties.

postbioticA small and gentle fibre can, without causing any unfavourable symptoms, draw water into the colon, hydrating it, and moving stool through. Conversely, fibre can bulk stool to provide relief from diarrhoea. Clinical trials using yacon showed improved average daily bowel movements over 120 days, from once every three days to once a day. Studies of chronic diarrhoea in children using FOS showed long term improvement.

Prebiotics remain undigested in the small intestine and then in the large colon, are fermented by probiotics. This fermentation creates by products; short chain fatty acids. These are the real heroes of NZFOS+! NZFOS+ increases beneficial bacteria by 28%, in turn doubling short chin fatty acids. As a result this creates an environment that pathogenic bacteria cannot live in, the colonization rate of harmful bacteria decreases by about 12%. Long term this prebiotic effect can control SIBO and short term, control IBS symptoms. Some short chain fatty acids are; propionate, acetate, and butyrate.

Acetate is an important regulator in the pH of your gut, it helps to keep the gut acidic enough for your beneficial microbes to thrive and survive, but deter the opportunistic ones from entering and sticking around. Acetate also binds to receptors in the gut lining and travels to the liver where it activates hormones that control appetite and regulate the storage of fat.
The acetate produced by bacteria, such as Bifidobacterium, helps to nourish the butyrate-producing microbes in your gut, supporting the diversity of your beneficial microbes. Butyrate provides up to 90% of colonocytes total energy requirements, preserving the integrity of the gut lining, and healing leaky gut.

Inflammation damages the body and increases the risk of several chronic diseases. Conditions like Crohn’s and Ulcerative colitis are improved by increasing butyrate levels to reduce inflammation. Low butyrate levels impairs cellular energy, and increased levels show improved cell regeneration. Increasing butyrate production can reduce risk and symptoms of auto-immune conditions and cancer.
Fermenting fibre releases gas that can stretch the colon, NZFOS+ however has shown improvements in the speed of bowel movements, and relief of IBS symptoms like bloating. Starting with small doses and gradually increasing them is the best way to stop bloating or flatulence.

potent anti-inflammatory property

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