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NZFOS+ antioxidant properties

Bioactive Phytochemicals in NZFOS+

“All disease starts in the gut”- Hippocrates. This statement may have been an opinion at the time, but years of research has shown that there is more than a small element of truth to it. This is not just down to what food we eat, it’s also because our gut is comprised of complex organs which work hard to keep us healthy. So how do we keep these organs functioning at optimal levels? NZFOS+ has an impressive set of credentials which can improve gut health in multiple ways.

NZFOS+ is especially Impressive because of its anti-oxidative properties. Every single batch is tested right here in NZ at AUT for polyphenols, an amazing set of anti-oxidant compounds responsible for anti-aging, cardio-vascular health, and controlling inflammation. Every 12g of NZFOS+ contains 0.13mg of Polyphenols. This means very little without comparison, so we compared it to Manuka honey. The chart (right) shows: Total phenolic content of yacon extract and Manuka honey. (Data is expressed as mean ± standard deviation (n=3).) One common polyphenol is Chlorogenic acid; this study showed “concentration of Chlorogenic acid almost 150-fold higher in the yacon concentrate compared to Manuka honey.” This is a good comparison to use because the cost of NZFOS+ is comparable to high UMF Manuka Honey, however NZFOS+ has more observable benefits and concrete evidence.

NZFOS+ flavonoid content assay - AUT

Total Flavonoid Content of yacon extract and Manuka Honey. Data is expressed as mean ± standard deviation (n = 3).

To further the evidence on behalf of NZFOS+, the activity levels of NZFOS+ have been measured against Manuka honey too. “Across all assays observed, the yacon concentrate has a significantly higher antioxidant capacity in comparison to Manuka honey. From the CUPRAC assay, the antioxidant activity in yacon was found to be 17 times higher than Manuka honey…” this means that NZFOS+ is a powerful force in protecting cells from the effects of free radicals and limiting the oxidation of important nutrients. Free radicals are not just environmental toxins, they are also made by our body when in a state of disease. Using supplements like NZFOS+ which contain antioxidants to fight free radicals, has the potential to improve the aging process, assist with healing from disease and injury, and increase energy levels. The below chart shows antioxidant activity of yacon extract and Manuka Honey. (Data is expressed as mean ± standard deviation (n=3).) The added benefit of NZFOS+ yacon concentrate is that it is lower in sugar than honey. While natural sugars are fine, sucrose can reduce antioxidant activity. The inulin type fructans concentrated in NZFOS+ have shown interesting anti-oxidant properties in vitro.

NZFOS+ antioxidant properties

Antioxidant activity of yacon extract and Manuka Honey. Data is expressed as mean ± standard deviation (n=3).

NZFOS+ is made up of a small amount of anti-oxidants and a large amount of FOS, and some of the best healthful activity comes from the inulin like FOS fibre that NZFOS+ provides so much of. NZFOS+ doubles short chain fatty acid production, and can do so because of concentrated FOS. See the FOS Score (right). The most common Short chain fatty acids’ butyrate and propionate are both high in antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. Not only are they effective in improving immunity to external pathogens, there is also evidence to suggest effectiveness in reducing the risk of and recovery from cancer. Both these SCFAs trigger apoptosis, a suicide protocol that disposes of rogue cells. Since only 10% of the cells in our body are human, we have a huge capacity for both healing and hurting ourselves with the balance of our microbiome. NZFOS+ promotes the creation of a microbiome environment that is healing. By doubling SCFA production, NZFOS+ is an ideal supplement to therapeutically manage dysbiosis and immunity.

NZFOS+ fructooligosaccharide prebiotic adequacy

NZFOS+ fructooligosaccharide prebiotic adequacy

Naturally, the same SCFA’s that improve immunity will also improve energy and gut health. Butyrate provides up to 90% of colon cells energy. This makes it invaluable because it provides both energy to cells that benefit us and triggers apoptosis in cells which may harm us. This prevents and heals leaky gut, a major factor in both imune response and auto immunity. By healing the gut, NZFOS+ enables healthy digestion, specifically of fat and protein. Improving metabolism of fat in the digestive tract, liver, and bloodstream, NZFOS+ can boost cellular energy, reduce LDL, lower the risk of arteriosclerosis, and as a side effect promote healthy weight loss.

Anti-oxidants and short chain fatty acids have a dynamic effect on our gut! By increasing cell energy, they improve digestion so we are better nourished. They activate detoxification, cell renewal, and apoptosis, this is essential to eliminating waste effectively and keeping each organ functioning at optimal levels. They also protect our gut from the free radicals which are all around us and heavily impact our digestive system which is more exposed to them than most other organs. By feeding ourselves with high quality food and supplements, we provide our gut with the ability to heal first its-self, and then the rest of the body.

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